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Just select Online from the 'Select In-Person or Online Session' search field and DO NOT enter a location. This will generate a list of people world-wide who practice online.

Nope! Fill out any, all some, or none of the search parameters and a search list will be generated for you

We list practitioners from across the globe, all searches involving locations are radius searches. This means that our location searches ignore city, state and country borders and will give you a list of practitioners closest to you in order of distance, no matter what location you searched.

We know all the awesome parameters can seem a bit daunting, but fill out our assistance form and we've got you covered. By letting us know a bit about what you're looking for, we can help point you towards your perfect practitioner!

We launched this site to help world-wide clients find the ALternative and Energy Healing Practitioner who is best suited to help them. There are so many healing modalities and we thought it'd be really helpful if there was somewhere that every kind of practitioner could share their unique practice to connect with others.

Well, you're right, this Directory is still in it's infancy, but! the group of people who created and run the site have been practicing and helping other practitioners for many a year. We got our start as a Forum Community for Dolores Cannon trained practitioners in 2008. Our Forum (still active!) has hundreds of members, millions of page views and still helps Practitioners daily.

Glad you asked! You just need to practice one or more of the Energy Healing, Spiritual, or Alternative Healing modalities to qualify.

Contact Us! We know the world of Energy Healing is always growing and changing, and we want to grow with it!

It is a private Forum for those trained in Dolores Cannon's method. But don't worry, we're working on launch another Forum for everyone on this Directory.

We wish it could be free, but...we gotta pay to keep this site running. For subscribers to the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum, Directory access is complementary. For all others, Directory listing is currently $10 per month and a separate Support Forum is in the works for these Practitioners. But, ya'll $10 is like the cost of a movie ticket nowadays, and we hope you think this Directory is worth a single viewing of Lego Batman

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There's lots of cool things you can do with and add to your account, and we'd be happy to teach you how to share as much of your practice as possible!

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