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Pamela Channels The Hopi Collective

Pamela Channels The Hopi Collective

Start Time
09/08/2017 02:00 am
End Time
09/08/2017 6:28 pm

Join us as Pamela Aaralyn channels White Feather and the Hopi Collective. You will be guided through a very specific collective transmutation meditation that teaches how to transmute negative energies that cause natural disasters on our Mother Earth. Pamela scheduled this channeling almost a year ago, yet the Hopi teachings come just in time to teach us how to help out in the calming of Hurricane Irma. Why do natural disasters happen, how many more do we have to come, and what can we do as a collective to help change our frequency and save Gaia? Come join us and change the world, starting from the Heart Center within you.

2:00pm PDT • 3:00pm MDT • 4:00pm CDT • 5:00pm EDT

Zoom requires the download and install of an app to view and participate. Go to your app store for mobile devices or for computer users.

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